About us

Tanzgemeinschaft magazine & records starts a new indie dance-focussed record label, Under The Trees.

After nearly four years and 55 releases out in the heavy challenged melodic house & techno genre, label owner Claudio Capo thought it was time to broaden the horizon. Hence, the birth of Under The Trees.

Tanzgemeinschaft does just not look for music and people but for those who create memorable music that inspires and evokes emotions. Even more, than having disposable chart-topping hits and mixes. We have a strong focus on young, upcoming, and emerging talents. Given all of them a platform to release and promote their work via the label and the magazine.

With the new label Under The Trees, we’d like to continue the process. With that one difference, the label is very pleased to announce to have JG Outsider is on board as an A&R manager.

His 20+ years of experience and his energy is a real win for the label. Javier will oversee new talent signing with the label, guiding these talents and introducing them to more experienced artists for remixes. On top, he will bring in more experienced artists to help the label grow.

Together with label owner, Claudio Capo, he will streamline the business and enhance collaborations with partners as there are: artists managers, bookings agents, pr agencies and more. Both will oversee the quality of the music that will be released.

The first artist signed on Under The Trees is Belgian talent Broos with a 2-track EP titled “Tensile”. It’s a highly danceable pack.

Confirmed on the label for 2022 are the Mexican duo Dark Punk Hippies backed by a remix from the amazing talented SNYL. Moving into 2023, JG Outsider will have a banging pack ready. Two steamy indie dance tracks that’ll make you go wild.

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