JG Outsider - Rumore

JG Outsider – Rumore (incl. Bonnie Space & Rem’s Martinez Remix)

The 4e release on Tanzgemeinschaft‘s fresh new sub-label comes from the great JG Outsider.

JG Outsider’s release is an absolute gem, showcasing two tracks that are brimming with uncut disco grooves. The first track instantly hooks you with its infectious rhythm, as the funky bassline intertwines seamlessly with the groovy guitar licks. The tight percussion and well-placed fills provide a solid foundation, keeping the energy high throughout. It’s a dancefloor delight that effortlessly transports you to a bygone era while maintaining a modern touch.

Release date: 24/02/2023
Grab your copy: streaming or digital download

The remix by Bonnie Spacey and Rem’s Martinez taketh JG Outsider’s original mix to new heights. They skillfully infuse their unique style, adding layers of depth and texture to the already captivating track. The remix incorporates mesmerizing synth lines and carefully crafted soundscapes that create an otherworldly atmosphere. The pulsating beats and well-executed build-ups ensure that the track maintains its fierce and energetic nature while delivering fresh surprises at every turn. It’s a testament to the remixers’ artistry and their ability to breathe new life into an already exceptional composition.

Overall, JG Outsider’s release, featuring a remarkable remix by Bonnie Spacey and Rem’s Martinez, is a must-have for any disco enthusiast. It effortlessly blends the nostalgic charm of disco with the infectious energy of modern electronic music, resulting in a truly unforgettable listening experience.

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